Vivaldi 2.5 - Attractive Macro World

Vivaldi 2.5 - Attractive Macro World

While diving, you can often see people who are chasing after large representatives of the underwater fauna with gouproschka: for them it is considered to meet a big sea turtle, a two-meter shark, at worst - a large grouper, or a six-meter giant whale shark. These are newbie divers. More experienced divers can be recognized by powerful underwater lamps and cameras with solid lenses: these are professionals who see the real beauty of the ocean, hidden in the smallest detail. Of course, a shark or a slope can look pretty impressive, but watching them quickly becomes boring. But look at the miniature seahorse or the unique colors and shapes of various anemones and anemones for hours. And I must say that it is this amazingly beautiful macrocosm that makes people dive again and again.

A similar situation can be observed in the browser world. Beginners are chasing minimalism and speed, considering these factors as the most important in their daily work, but more experienced users find for themselves a whole world of comfort, plunging into a sea of ​​small, but very convenient options for setting and controlling the browser. And we, while developing the Vivaldi browser, try not only to attract the attention of lovers of large forms, but also do not forget about those to whom comfort and convenience are more important.

So, today we are introducing a new stable version of the Vivaldi 2.5 browser. In it we tried to take into account a few of your comments and suggestions for improving the usability, and the list of the most noticeable changes looks like this:

  • Customizable Express Panel Cell Size
  • New tab selection options
  • Razer Chroma gaming device support

Those who haven’t yet installed Vivaldi can do it right now by loading the browser at this link , and for now Let us take a closer look at the new browser features.

Customizable Express Panel Cell Size

This improvement was a natural continuation of our work on the Express panel. In the new version, users can choose what size the cells on this page will be displayed, and if necessary, they can use scalable cells by selecting the appropriate option in the settings:

Thus, if there are few cells, you can make them more visible:

And if required, it will be possible to fit quite a lot of cells on the Express panel without having to use scrolling to access them:

To do this, simply select the option to scale the cells and then experiment with the number of columns on the Express panel.

New Multiple Tab Selection Options

Now imagine that while working with a lot of open tabs, you needed to select several of them at once. For example - you want to select a page with search results and all tabs opened from this page. Usually you need to do a few clicks with the mouse, now you can use the quick command function (F2) and select the appropriate item:

The result will be something like this:

Then you can do whatever you want with the selected tabs - you can delete everything in one click, you can group or place them in one window. You can also assign convenient keyboard shortcuts or mouse gestures to these selection options if you wish.

Razer Chroma Support

It is no secret that at the computer we not only work, but often we also rest, playing computer games. Often, this hobby grows into a real hobby, in connection with which users even begin to acquire the appropriate hardware. And as one of the options for such acquisitions can be devices with support for color illumination Razer Chroma. For owners of these devices, we are pleased to offer integration with the Vivaldi browser - now when browsing the web, your devices will be able to change the backlight settings depending on the colors of the websites you visit. This feature only works on Windows.

Other stuff

In fact, in every new version of the Vivaldi browser, many small improvements appear that sometimes go unnoticed by users. For example, we gradually realize more convenient work with browser settings. Try to open the context menu of the same Express panel or one of the tabs. In this menu there is an item "Configure ...". When you select it, the browser settings dialog opens, but depending on which element you came from: if you used the context menu of the tab, you will find yourself in the settings section relating specifically to the tabs, and when you go from the context menu of the Express panel, you can immediately start setting up this particular browser element.

In general, such small amenities in the browser is already a huge set. You can experiment with Vivaldi on your own and, perhaps, discover something new that you never even knew about before. It is these small, at first glance, convenience that make daily work on the network unique in terms of comfort and speed.

That's all for now. You can read the full list of changes at this page , and the new one The browser version can be downloaded from the official site .

We are waiting for new wishes and suggestions from you, and do not forget to inform us about all errors and shortcomings at old address .

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