Visualization of the first year of sleep of the child on the patterns of the blanket

Visualization of the first year of sleep of the child on the patterns of the blanket

The father-pros to visualize the data on sleep and wakefulness in the first year of his son's life. Made this with their hands — software processed the data and knitted blankets, which shows the activity of the kid for the year.

Very creative dad named Lee Son decided to capture in a tangible form, the moments of wakefulness and sleep my son.

Collecting and processing data

Lee Seung collected data on sleep and Wake your son by registering them manually using app Baby Connect.

Further, the data from the app BabyConnect exported to CSV files, which are filtered and transformed into JSON (using Google Apps Script and Python) using script.

The script If shared sleep data at 6-minute intervals in table 366x240 where the 240 stitches per day (24х10), 366 — number of days in a year, given different color the situation — whether it took place in the first six minutes of the sleep phase or the baby was awake and active.

The first two lines If left completely white — for testing and connection with external protective circuit.

Thus, Whether they received necessary components of data for visualization.

Also Whether the have mastered the tricks of knitting, learned some techniques and practiced with double loops (hereinafter we call them stitches for simplicity).

By the way, this pattern is called "Bilateral jacquard".

Then you have created your sewing-browser tool in HTML/Javascript that converted the data into color and layout of the stitches and allows to work with data from any device, wherever he was.

With this tool posted markers stitches, noted where necessary to make a color change and monitoring the General progress of the processing and conversion of data elements in the blanket, when knitting it.

Link to the tool If.

Lee spent a large amount of preparatory work before started making the first real attempts to relate the elements of the blanket.

creating a sleepy blanket

After receiving and processing periods of wakefulness and sleep his son, Lee left them to visualize using the two colors (blue dream\light activity) and three hundred hours of knitting.

If the original plan was to tie all blanket crochet, but then he realized that it is better to use double stitches, because in this case the data much more clearly visualized, and the colors change stitches (of which there were literally thousands) is much easier to perform.

As a result, Lee managed to create a “Sleeping blanket” - a wonderful keepsake that tells the story of the first year of a child’s life, and even of his parents.

Parameters blanket:

  • 366 lines (+ external protective contour + 2 lines white for the inner perimeter), each line represents one day in the child's life;
  • 185,000 stitches (including stitches on the outer contour), each stitch inside the contour represents 6 minutes of time spent by the son of Lee awake or dormant;
  • duvet size 42x45 inches (107x114 cm);
  • spent about 300 hours of knitting time (104 days in real time).

How to read the duvet

Each row on the blanket represents one day in the life of Lee's son.

The topmost row is when the baby was born, and the bottom row is the first birthday of the son Lee.

Each stitch represents six minutes of time spent by the child awake (gray) or asleep (blue).

The blanket "reads" from left to right, with the leftmost line starting at 12:00 AM, and the rightmost line ending at 11:54 PM.

Changing the baby's sleep mode at the end of the blanket can be explained by a trip over rough terrain, which the family has taken to celebrate the child's birthday.

Lee considered adjusting these timestamps, but left them as part of his son's story.

The accuracy of knitting on such a blanket makes it an excellent medium for visualizing data, and storing and holding in your hands the story of the first year of a child’s life is priceless.

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