Virtuali-tee: a “medical T-shirt” that doesn’t cover but expose

Virtuali-tee: a “medical T-shirt” that doesn’t cover but expose

With the very first glance at this entertaining thing, several obvious puns are born at once and about the fact that "literally turns it outward", and about "wearable toys", and about clothes which exposes, and does not hide, and so on and so forth.

And the essence is quite simple: you need to point the camera of an augmented reality t-shirt to admire the anatomical features of our body.

Sorry, but again not without gifs ...

Virtuali-tee - a project with Kickstarter, which is positioned as educational. Its peculiarity is that a special marking is applied to the T-shirt.

If you point the camera at it (with the help of IOS | < a href = ""> Android ), the user will see several educational sections: the respiratory system, digestive system and others.

It is very funny. You can try doing it right now with this photo:

Information, of course, is not enough for medical students, but as a guide for elementary classes on anatomy, such a thing can definitely fit. And imagine how entertaining such an interactive approach can be in a modern school where, sometimes, only a teacher does not have a smartphone.

You can look at the skeleton or organs from different angles: you can zoom in, zoom out (actually, by zooming in or out of the camera), look at the top/bottom.

Separate functions, such as viewing in the section, are activated by controls: in this case, where it is possible at the software level, there will be a magnifying glass with “plus” or “minus” symbols.

In the 360 ​​degree mode, you are completely immersed "inside" the body:

The minimal presence effect in the form of your “virtual hand” occurs when you click on the center bottom button:

In general, this is a rather amusing educational project, which, in its gamified modern form, can contribute to greater interest and immersion in the subject. The application is localized.

From additional "bonuses". The ability to make a photo.

Or, that is much more interesting, again, if it is demonstrated at the lessons in elementary school, the ability to measure the pulse directly by the camera in the same application.

Pulse goes pretty believable.

As a result, there is both learning and entertainment for you with a view to “digitization” of the educational process, which is quite in the spirit of the times. A good addition to the interactive whiteboard in the classroom. And, judging by the sections, for a few lessons - just enough.

For independent work, this t-shirt is also suitable: viewing from the front camera is available.Also here, on top, there is the possibility of switching to VR mode.

If you want to become a “walking textbook”, then the T-shirt Virtuali-tee you can buy at a discount 10% on the coupon: VIRTUALHABR until the end of May.

Have a great weekend!

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