[Translation] Top 17 plug-ins for Android Studio

[Translation] Top 17 plug-ins for Android Studio

Top 17 plug-ins for Android Studio

There are hundreds of plug-ins for Android Studio, and their number is growing every day. This basically happens for two reasons. First, Android Studio is the official integrated development environment for creating Android applications. Secondly, Intellij IDEA, the platform on which Android Studio is based, allows you to develop and easily install useful plugins that are compatible with both IDEs. What plugins do you install?

Of course, you can program in the “bare” Android Studio by simply installing the necessary libraries and not adding a single plug-in. But why? Plug-ins for Android Studio can make your work more efficient and fun. We’ll now tell you about the top Android Studio plug-ins that can triple (at a minimum) your performance.

In the list of the best plug-ins for Android Studio, we have included some basic time-tested tools, as well as a number of little-known gems recommended by experienced Android application developers. So, here are our favorite Android Studio plugins:

1. String Manipulation

String Manipulation

As the name suggests, this plugin can save hours of tedious manual work with strings. It allows you to change the text style (camelCase, kebab-lowercase, KEBAB-UPPERCASE, snake_case, SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE, dot.case, lower case, capital letters, PascalCase), encode/decode, increase/decrease , sort, filter and align .

2. Codota


Just see what the next plugin is capable of. The Codota plugin uses machine learning to autocomplete your code . The plugin learns from code samples from millions of Java programs along with your own unique context. Used by both beginners and experienced Java developers, Codota speeds up development and helps eliminate the annoying bugs that appear in your code.

In addition to the plugin, Codota also offers an extensive library of frequently used Java code fragments for copying and pasting to the right place.

3. CPU utilization indicator

CPU Usage Indicator

This simple plugin is much more useful than you might think at first glance. As your code and application becomes more complex to compile and run, it will affect your processor. One of the most useful features of the CPU utilization indicator is the ability to generate a stream dump to show what is clogging the processor in the background thread .

4. Rainbow Brackets

Rainbow Brackets

Brackets have always been a source of headache for programmers. How many hours were spent searching for this missing bracket? Stop tolerating it!

Instead of sitting and trying to figure out which bracket you’ve already closed and which one hasn’t yet, paint the brackets using the Rainbow Brackets plugin.

It supports Java, Scala, Clojure, Kotlin, Python, Haskell, Agda, Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, Erlang, Go, Groovy, Ruby, Elixir, ObjectiveC, PHP, HTML, XML, SQL, Apex, C #, Dart and other languages.

5. Project Lombok

Complicated Java code for Android applications can often contain a lot of generic code (constructors, getters, setters). This can be tedious and difficult in terms of readability and code support. Project Lombok is a Java library that connects to your IDE and generates this template code for you , keeping your code concise and readable. The difference between before and after can be pretty overwhelming.

It is worth noting that Lombok, being a compile-time library, will not make your application more heavy. In addition, plugin developers at their website offer many useful resources for plugin users and developers.

6. Android Drawable Importer

Android Drawable Importer

If you are going to work with drawable when developing an Android application, then this is the plugin you should be aware of.

To adapt resources to all sizes and screen resolutions of Android devices, there is a drawable folder in each Android project. If you have been blessed by a designer from Paradise, who provides resources already in the right folders with the correct names, we are sincerely jealous of you. But most likely, you are unlikely to be so lucky, and you yourself rename and move PNG files to the right folders.

Android Drawable Importer is a plugin that will save you a lot of time. It allows to import individual resources for adjustment to the required sizes and resolutions, whole zip-files for automatic placement into the necessary folders .

7. Vector Drawable Thumbnails

To preview a vector XML file, you need to run the application. Vector Drawable Thumbnails will help you get rid of this and display vector drawings with one click.

8. Android Drawable Preview Plugin

When there are a lot of drawable components in your project, it can be very difficult to navigate them. It would be nice if the IDE had a quick preview of the images, right? With Android Drawable Preview Plugin this is possible.

This plugin for Android Studio replaces the default icons in the project file tree with previews of the elements . But do not forget to use adequate names for drawable, it’s still important.

9. Name That Color

Name That Color

Let me start by breaking the myth. Not all women can distinguish turquoise from celadon or eggplant color from plum color. And you don’t have to be color blind.

The presence and popularity of this plugin indicates that most developers also do not have this magic color recognition skill.

The Name That Color plugin will name the color that you have on the clipboard, directly in the resource file in Android Studio, and give the name of the closest matching color . The “lighter_light_pink” epoch in your xml files is coming to an end.

10. bundletool


bundletool is a basic tool that Gradle, Android Studio and Google Play use to create the Android App Bundle or to transform the app bundle to various APKs deployed on devices . This tool from Google is necessary for more effective work with APK-packages.

11. Butterknife Zelezny

Android ButterKnife is the dependency injection library . As a rule, it improves the readability of the code, allowing you to focus on logic, rather than mixing a bunch of code to search for View components or add listeners.

Butterknife Zelezny

Android ButterKnife Zelezny - plugin for Android Studio for creating ButterKnife injections from selected XML-layouts in Activity, fragments or adapters. Most ButterKnife guides you find will recommend you install Zelezny.

12. Android Input

Android Input is a fairly simple but useful plugin for Android Studio that makes it easy to type text directly into your Android device or emulator . It remembers the last used device and the last text entered.

Android Input

13. ADB Idea

This plugin for both Intellij IDEA and Android Studio adds a number of useful keyboard shortcuts for various commands of ADB tools right in your IDE. Although this seems like an unnecessary addition, developers say that ADB Idea can really speed up the development and debugging of Android applications.

14. adb-enhanced

Calling itself the “Swiss knife for testing and developing for Android,” adb-extended is a command line interface for running various scripts. This allows you to test many potentially erroneous application behaviors , such as turning the screen, saving battery, saving data, waiting and granting or revoking permissions.


This plugin makes it easy for device to connect to ADB via WiFi for debugging .Like many other small but handy plugins, this one is just a wrapper for a series of commands that you can execute on the command line. But why not make this process more comfortable?

16. Here there be dragons

Here there be dragons is an Intellij and Android Studio plugin that allows you to annotate your "impure" Java methods with the @SideEffect annotation. When calling this method, the plugin displays a small dragon icon.

Here there be dragons

And besides, this plugin is too cute to not include it in our list. These are dragons!

17. Power Mode 2

You know, your code is just epic. When you spend all night on the code, and your blood is high in caffeine, you can feel your fingers spewing fire and shaking the world. You are God. And you deserve to program like God .

Power Mode 2

And finally

Before you install all the plug-ins from the list, you should remember that a large number of plug-ins usually slows down the IDE. Think about your habits while writing code and see which plugins will save you time without adding extra weight in Android Studio.

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