[Translation] Announced Windows Vision Skills (Preview)

[Translation] Announced Windows Vision Skills (Preview)

A preview version of Windows was recently announced Vision Skills , which is part of the NuGet suite of packages , which makes it easy for application developers to solve a whole range of computer vision problems with simple API set.

Figure 1 - From left to right, you can see in action: the Object Detector, the Skeletal Detector and the Emotion Recognizer.

With Windows Vision Skills:

  • Application Developer can use out-of-the-box WinRT APIs to add ready-made vision skills, such as object detection, skeletal detection and face sentiment analysis in their Windows applications (.NET, Win32 and UWP ).
  • The developer of computer vision can use hardware accelerated frameworks on Windows devices, packaging its solution as Vision Skill and not worrying about low-level APIs.


All Windows Vision Skills inherit base classes and interfaces in Microsoft.AI.Skills.SkillInterfacePreview . This open framework can be easily extended to work with existing machine learning frameworks and libraries, such as OpenCV.

Windows Vision Skills complements existing Windows support for the output of ONNX models using WinML for local output . The framework allows you to create intelligent applications using platform optimization features.

Start Now!

Play with your samples or learn how to create your own Windows Vision Skills projects using our tutorials .

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