The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 302 (June 10 - 16)

The digest of interesting materials for the mobile developer # 302 (June 10 - 16)

The new digest continues the stories about WWDC and SwiftUI, while at the same time talking about dark modes, hyper casual games, applications for people, the market for fitness applications and much more. br/>

Traditionally, we spend a week at WWDC with colleagues every year. In the article I share my impressions from the conference: under the cut not only important updates and review of the sessions, but also some personal emotions from being in the happy crowd, who are chanting “Dub-dub! D-Si! ”And dreams of shaking hands with Tim Cook. 2018 showed: dark modes on the way. Now that we are halfway through 2019, we can say with confidence that they are here and they are everywhere.

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(+ 19) iOS Storyboards: analysis of pros and cons, best practices
(+ 19) Decomposing a UICollectionViewCell
(+ 18) Magic SwiftUI or about Function builders
(+ 13) Everything you wanted to know about SwiftUI, but were afraid to ask
(+ 13) How to implement context menus in iOS 13
(+ 13) 15 tips on how to get into the app store with subscriptions
(+ 10) Functional Swift is just
(+ 7) How to work with multiple queries. Composition, Reducer, OP
(+ 6) Spreading a single-linked list. Swift Edition
Apple announced CryptoKit
Making a real application with SwiftUI
What SwiftUI means for Flutter
RxSwift: Rest in Peace
14 resources to help find an iOS developer job
Game 2048 on SwiftUI
Alison: animation for bots on SpriteKit


(+ 24) Playing Tetris in AR
(+ 19) How we implemented navigation from Jetpack into combat attachment. Report of Yandex. Food
(+ 12) Forbidden content on Google Play - the quest for survival
(+ 12) We make our almost Extended Floating Action Button < br/> • (+ 11) What does your text look like?
(+ 9) 5 common mistakes when using the architectural components of Android
(+ 6) Themes and styles on Android without magic. And how to cook them with SwitchCompat
Kotlin Multi-platform: First Step
Google makes use of Firebase to send notifications
Reactive Streams and Kotlin Flows
GrapheneOS: Android OS Compatible , but honed on security and personal data
How to make day and night mode in an Android application
Embedded updates — common problems and known solutions
Create a launcher for Android
Update available: Kotlin + MVVM + Data Binding + AAC
BirthdayBuddy: an app for birthdays


(+ 169) There is no place for old men? We program after thirty-five
(+ 15) “Make an app for people” is do not scribble on your knee: on mobile development in CFT
(+ 14) Machine learning of agents in Unity
(+ 12) Flutter: we pump over AppBar & amp; SliverAppBar
(+ 8) How to create a cool action for Google Assistant. Just AI's life hacking
(+ 5) Introduction to unit testing in Unity < br/> • AppOnboard buys Buildbox
Podlodka # 115: Digital nomads
Google released Game Builder game designer
new devtodev online course “Developing a game on the Unreal Engine”
TrueConf SDK for Cordova, Xamarin and React Native
e-Legion and Globus unite
React Native performance: what to do and not to do

Shram: UX research
31 sets of mobile icons recommended by developers
10 projects to improve resumes and programming skills
Create a Tinder for X: UX for a friend search application
image Analytics, Marketing and Monetization

(+ 38)
Hyper-kazualki and what game designers can learn from them
The Truth About Hyper Casual Games
DropBox: change or die
Adjust attracts $ 227 the new round
IAB Guide to Playable Advertising
Market of fitness applications: changes over four years
Wire: a secure messenger for commands
We became “App of the day” in the AppStore: what we it gave

AI, IoT Devices

(+ 150) Hardware acceleration of deep neural networks: GPU, FPGA, ASIC, TPU , VPU, IPU, DPU, NPU, RPU, NNP and other letters
(+ 147) Whether the learning bubble burst or the beginning New Dawn
(+ 12) How Hollywood secretly uses AI to take key film making decisions
(+ 7) IoT architecture
Content for $ 5 million sold for Oculus Quest in 2 weeks
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