The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 305 developer (July 1 - 7)

The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 305 developer (July 1 - 7)

Another digest for mobile developers - it has mobile extrasensory perception, a new Developer Economics, an introduction to HealthKit, an online quest for developers, Bixby Marketplace, and many other interesting materials.

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(+ 10) Introducing HealthKit
(+ 8) Using UIViewPropertyAnimator to create custom animations
(+ 8) Architectural approaches in iOS applications
Apple showed data on government requests for disclosing user data
Dry oars # 2: Our at WWDC
Avito iOS Meetup # 7: feature toggles, remote cache, proxy-objects
What stands behind a reminder about app evaluation in an iOS application
Watermarks with ImageMagick, Vapor 3 and Swift on macOS and Linux
Custom gesture recognition in iOS
Combine framework in action
Using dependency injection to mock the Network API Service in the View Controller
Using Responder Chain
Add controller support to the iOS app
Display the version number in the iOS application
Login Critter: An animated character for the login screen
Siren: notification of a new version of the application


(+ 25) MotionLayout: better animations, less code
Android Dev Podcast # 97: Reporting with Droidcon Berlin
Google tightens application publishing policies
Microsoft taught Windows to receive notifications from Android
Droid Mission: online quest for Android developers
Google opened Fuchsia site
19 tips for using Gradle in an Android project: version 2019
Correct svaypas in Motion Layout
Bouncing animation in Android boarding
How to start freelance on Upwork and get the first $ 2000
KOTLIN or JAVA - the great war of Android-development
Excellent design of the Android SDK
Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform Relations
Everything you need to know about Android memory leaks
Test and publish the application with CircleCI + Fastlane + Firebase Test Lab
Informal application droidcon Berlin 2019
Kson: library for generating GSON adapters for Kotlin date classes
Sekret: Data Exclusion in the autogenerated toString () method for the Kotlin date classes


(+ 42) Creating a grass shader in the Unity engine
(+ 10) CI/CD using AWS and Bamboo
(+ 4) What (not) you need to know to create games on Unity
New.HR Podcast # 3: Developer Grades
Podlodka # 118: Engineering Culture
Mobile application icon design: 3 rules
Samsung opened the Bixby Marketplace
Flutter Dev Podcast # 5: Dart VM
Five trends that define UX banking in 2019
56 thousand skills: why Alexa is more capable than an assistant Google
Appdevcon 2019 Video
99 types of product managers
How to make an application with email authentication on Firebase, Firestore and React Native
QA in UX-design
How the right UX can improve user engagement
Dear Agile, I'm tired of pretending
Improving Roommate Communication: UX research
Signs of a current Senior Developer
4 errors when performing A/B tests using Firebase Remote Config
The best book for the developer
Directly in product
What to do and not to do in a technical interview
Examples of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2019
Learning iOS/Android: Networking
5 productivity tools that every developer should know about
Churn SDK: return subscribers to the app
Nearby Shops: hyper-local shopping platform

Analytics, Marketing and Monetization

(+ 3) ASO Checklist: text optimization
(+ 2) Sampling and calculation accuracy
The application market in the first half of the year grew by 15% to $ 39.7 billion < br/> • Rammstein released his own application
Marshmello releases new album in own game
In 2019, the average Russian gamer will spend $ 64.08 on games
IronSource made it easy to work with cross promo
Ornikar: driving school aggregator
Calm received $ 27 million for expansion

AI, Devices, IoT

(+ 76) Amazon’s engineer created an interlocking device with AI, which does not allow street cat house
(+ 43) Securing wireless protocols using the example of LoRaWAN
(+ 27) Introduction to CatBoost development. Yandex Report
(+ 16) ML life cycle in combat conditions
Facebook has published its AI recommendation system
Postmates makes a food delivery robot
Best practices for connecting IoT devices to Google Assistant
Natural language processing tools

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