The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week № 364 (May 6 - 12, 2019)

The digest of fresh materials from the world of the frontend for the last week № 364 (May 6 - 12, 2019)

We offer you a selection with links to new materials from the area of ​​the frontend and around it.

Media | Web Development | CSS | Javascript | Browsers | Entertaining


podcast en Web standards podcast, 175. IE mode in Edge, Chromium, slow CSS, CSSWG, stages in CSS, Houdini
podcast The devschacht podcast: # 79: Opensource development using the example of React Styleguidist and mrm
  • podcast The devschacht podcast: # 78: How can a programmer move to Berlin and is it worth it
  • podcast The Frontend Youth (18+) Podcast: #92 Firefox kills the Internet
podcast Podcast "Make me beautiful", Issue # 16 - Replacing Lodash, again on TDD and where Senior can grow
  • video FrontSpot Show # 7: Where can I get an idea for a startup?
  • video en" ALL YOUR HTML "# s3e1: " Image transition with PIX .JS "

Web Development

habr HTTP headers for the responsible developer
  • en Favicons: perhaps the least understood web function
  • en New evergreen Googlebot
  • en Lazy Hybrid Loading: Progressive migration to native Lazy Loading
  • en SVG components for IoT and devices (part 1)
  • en Why, how and when to use semantic HTML and ARIA
  • en How to choose the best static site generator for your 2019 project
  • en Portals practice . Learn how to create a good UX for navigation using the Portals API.


en css-only-chat - A truly monstrous asynchronous web chat without using JS on the front.
  • en Night Mode with Mix Blend Mode: Difference
  • en Basic CSS Specificity Guide
  • en 4 reasons why your z-index does not work (and how to fix it)
  • en cssfx - a selection of nice CSS effects with click-to-copy functionality < br/>   • en Understanding the arrangement of elements in grids by building the periodic table in HTML
  • en Google font support was announced
  • en CSS3 Transform - online visualizer of 2D functions & amp; 3D transformations in CSS
  • en Transfer to a new line using flexbox


  • habr Ember.js: (again) time to try
  • habr Framework Game: JavaScript Trends in 2019
  • habr Write less code
  • habr Creating a multiplayer web game in the genre .io
  • en video What's new in JavaScript (Google I/O '19)
  • en Is Google ready to work with JavaScript?
  • en What I learned from the Airbnb re-engineering of the Internationalization Library
  • en Several functional uses for the Intersection Observer to determine if an element is in sight < br/>   • en Vim JavaScript Configuration Guide
  • en Introduction to GraphQL
  • en DoS found in the Axios JavaScript package -Vulnerability that affects all versions of the popular HTTP-client


  • Build 2019: Microsoft officially introduced the new Chromium-based Edge browser with IE Mode backward compatibility and also showed the Mac version
  • New Microsoft Edge Browser Got IE Mode
  • Microsoft Edge will receive Collections, advanced privacy settings and built-in Internet Explorer < br/>   • Flash will be disabled by default in Chrome 76
  • Coinhive has closed, but browser mining is still a problem
  • Vivaldi 2.5 browser received the first of its kind integration with backlight Razer Chroma
  • Backstage details of how Microsoft unexpectedly decided to work with Google on its own browser Edge.


  • Where do aging programmers go?
  • “Facebook must be destroyed”: a social network co-founder spoke out Mark Zuckerberg
  • Using Google Translate machine only hurts Wikipedia
  • New Microsoft: the company has created design system and combined departments of different products under it
  • Google announced Kotlin as a priority programming language for developing Android applications
  • An attack of malicious cryptographers on the Git repository has been detected

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Digest from last week .
The material was prepared by dersmoll and alekskorovin .

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