Summer: upgrade time ... yourself

Summer: upgrade time ... yourself

Life in the metropolis requires a lot of health: the body is forced to win could, dust, exhaust, hot asphalt, infections of all stripes, fast food, lack of sleep and bad mood. I want to take a breath of air, stop, exhale, sit with friends. We sat here a little and came to the conclusion that not every experience is correct. But we were warned! Well, first by hardcore, and then by use. Everything we love.

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Since we have set this picture before kata, then let's share a little story about it.

Pont is more expensive than money:)

In the May holidays we were impatient to get together with friends on barbecue. “Well, I have a brazier,” said one of them during the training camp. Who knew that this role would go to the staaar decommissioned server ...) We share our impressions.

First, the "brazier" must be prepared: remove the lid and separate the entire "pulp": a few stuffing unscrewed with a screwdriver. There was almost no plastic inside, but it is obvious that nothing plastic should remain in the case: no screws, plugs, stickers or gaskets.

Pros of using the server as a char grill:

  1. Big, fit a lot of skewers *
  2. The server had handles on the sides and they added convenience in logistics
  3. Comfortably podachalom through the side with the lattice
  4. Looks impressive on the instagram :)

* The store had a lot of skewers to choose from - we took the longest, but even their length was not enough. I had to take the rap off the grille, which was also not enough - the pen burned.

Cons of using the server as a char grill:

  1. Not the budget option
  2. Heavy: even empty is hard to carry, hard to carry
  3. Need a long skewer
  4. Potentially harmful **

** No one knows what materials were used in the manufacture of a particular case and how they will behave during the "heat treatment." We removed all the fuel from the body and thoroughly ignited the “brazier” before frying the meat - we hope everything will be OK:)

Conclusion: With some stretch, the server is suitable as a brazier, but it is better to use it (the server) for its intended purpose (like the brazier) :) The steepest braziers are made of stainless steel, the steepest servers are in RUVDS; )

In general, guys, summer and kebabs - this may be cool, but still not very summer-like. I want more movement, light food, pleasant walks and just cubes, endless cubes of fresh air. We, in our own experience and the experience of our consultants, have compiled a small list of how to become the best version of ourselves in one summer.

Thirst and Food

Food and drink - the most tangible summer problem. First, the food is spoiled while you carry it to work, and sometimes the courier carries it (hello to roll lovers). Secondly, fatty food gives an unnecessary weight in summer and extra calories that are not needed by the body, which do not need to strive for heating.

Prepare food, and do not buy ready-made - in the summer it is easier. If you do not have a smart and caring food processor in the face of your mother or wife, take matters into your own hands. Make a simple salad: tomatoes + cucumbers + parsley with butter or yogurt/sour cream/kefir/curd (even a bomb!), Mix kefir with greens, dine nourishing fruits. On the protein part - traditional boiled meat, it has not disturbed anyone yet. Fatty, heavy, habitual for winter food in the heat is unpleasant and even dangerous. Fast food is also dangerous - the increased salt content will increase the already tangible thirst. Snack at the computer, too, competently: seasonal fruits, berries, apples, cucumbers - a great and tasty alternative to cookies, nuts.

now you wanted to drink?

Drink. This does not mean that you need to follow all the tips and myths about liters per day and other horror stories, but to underestimate the importance of water in the heat is a big mistake, causing harm to health. Our body evaporates a lot of moisture (especially in synthetic clothing, which the office often requires) through sweat, and water consumption increases significantly. And, of course, the larger the body, the more fluid is required, so other people consume up to 5 liters of water per day (but there may be other causes of thirst - diabetes, thyroid disease, some heart diseases and gastrointestinal tract). Water (clean, with and without gas) is healthy, moisturized skin, good teeth, improved digestion, and faster metabolism. For taste, you can add lemon juice or mashed mint leaves to water. Give up sugary drinks (if you have not yet abandoned), from hot ones - choose brewed herbs, tea, berries poured (a la punch).

Movement for Life

Summer is a great time to go: light clothes, comfortable shoes, beautiful weather, clean city. Change your lifestyle, go out of the gym to the street, go out of the apartment, from the office - go, walk. Take your friends and loved ones with you and chat on the go, walk to work, choose different routes and open your cities again.

About when to train - in the morning or in the evening - many copies are broken. The author’s trainer on ballroom dancing, the master of sports and a sports doctor, insistently recommended only evening workouts, citing the fact that the body is energetically saturated and can have a good rest at the nearest time after workout (go to bed). At the same time, many athletes and sports doctors insist on training in the morning or during the day. In fact, a lot depends on your condition and time of year. But in the summer, with a long light day, workouts in the morning awaken, energize - so get up early and deal a crushing blow to sleepiness. Let the long days be yours, have time to fall asleep.

Use the street, landscape, road to work to the maximum. If your work and home are at exactly transport points, exit after three or three stops, try to get there on foot or by bicycle. If there is a hill, a hill or a ladder on the way, use them as a projectile - go up once more. By the way, it is useful to climb the stairs, the descent is a useless load on the knees, especially unpleasant with the slightest excess weight. Therefore, it is better to go down the paths or the elevator (if you decide to use office stairs as a simulator). According to WHO recommendations, at least 8000 steps need to be completed per day, the average optimal value is 10,000.This is quite a tangible value: for comparison, a walk lasting from Belorussky railway station along Tverskaya to Mayakovskaya metro station, then walking along the ENEA and walking from ENEA to Suvorovskaya Square - a total of 27,000 steps.

Look for opportunities for motor activity continuously : the summer is short, you need to have time to gain strength before a long period of autumn and winter (for 90% of Russia this is especially important). If you have a cottage - this is a great success. Do not hesitate to go to your native weave on weekends and work in the fresh air with garden tools, lie in a hammock, sunbathe moderately. This is an additional physical activity, fresh air and, perhaps, a cool result in the form of a crop.

Re-distribute lunchtime . Office workers often have two favorite ways to dine: 1) order/take food and chat in the office canteen; 2) in the heat to cross to the nearest cool cafe and eat a dense business lunch in the company of colleagues or in pleasant solitude. Leave it for autumn and winter! Have lunch and go outside - spend an extra 15-30 minutes on your feet, help with digestion, develop office spirit and return to work with a fresh head.

Pay attention to summer outdoor games : scooter, bike, badminton, tennis, volleyball and its derivatives, football in a box, easy running and even hide and seek with children will raise their tone, help you forget about problems and burn unnecessary calories . By the way, for both sexes, absolute must have and must do are jumping with a rope, which tone up almost all the muscles and have a beneficial effect on the state of the vessels. However, before experimenting with this projectile, it is better to be examined by a cardiologist - the rope has limitations such as heart disease in any phase, prolapse of any degree, other circulatory disorders.

Angry Birds cat story

deep breath

In the summer we are surrounded by hundreds of devices for air cooling. But not everything is useful that is cool: you can get allergies, catch pneumonia, runny nose, conjunctivitis, etc. Look for ways to get the most fresh air to make your brain more productive and your body healthier. Summer is time to breathe deeply.

Organize air conditioning correctly. If you have the opportunity to sleep at night with the windows open (they overlook the park, the courtyard, the private sector, etc.), do just that - evenly breathing calmly and nightly the coolness will do its thing for the quality of your sleep. In the apartment and at work, do not forget to change the filters and clean the air conditioners, and even better give preference to breathers that provide fresh air into the room rather than driving the same circuit along the same path as most air conditioners.

Choose the right old wardrobe. In the heat - only natural fabrics with high absorbency, natural and cramped underwear. If your office requires a suit, and the heat does not subside while you are going to or from work, do not be lazy to change clothes and let your largest body, the skin, rest. Pay special attention to the hygiene of the feet and shoes - even the coolest sneakers are not the best option in the heat. If you are worried about problems with sweating or rubbing, use boric acid to clean the shoes (put them in the shoes at night), and rub the place of rubbing with a hard antiperspirant - this is how the shoes spread relatively painlessly.

There is one more recommendation that we, frankly, are afraid to give you, because “the potential danger exceeds the utility”. It is simple: at least several times per season, walk through the coniferous forest 6-8 hours to get an increased dose of phytoncides and ozone.However, now the forests of almost all of Russia are literally swarming with ticks, nasty carriers of encephalitis and borreliosis. So here it is worth thinking five times and studying the situation.

An important summer lesson - contemplation of green space : foliage of parks, gardens, streets, etc. Green color reduces excitability, nervousness, irritability, eliminates chaotic untargeted activity, relieves emotional tension. Ideally, if you look out the window every hour you work at the computer, it’s great if you can contemplate the greens in the park 30-40 minutes a day, or at least look out the window of a bus or tram, and not hang around the screen of a mobile phone.

Come breathe ozone with me

Stupid healthy lifespan without fitons

Summer makes it possible to try such things for health, which are usually forgotten or inaccessible by us, but so pleasant, you can't even imagine!

In the summer of start hardening : pouring on the legs, douche, cool shower - the first step to the growth of the body's resistance to diseases. An important point: before pouring cool water in a metal bath, place a plate or towel under your feet. So you will not get unpleasant and unexpected complications, ranging from a cold to kidney problems.

Walk on sand, grass, stones barefoot - literally an hour a week. This will relax the legs, massage the important points on the feet, facilitate flat feet. It is not necessary to look for a sterile clearing behind the hundredth kilometer - check the place in the park or on the city beach for glasses, needles and surprises and go.

Good results are obtained by simple exercises: interval walking, small hands exercises, enjoying sea or river air, for advanced ones - climbing natural “mountains and valleys” that can be found in most regions of our country, and in anywhere in the world.

And how much are you standing in the bar, habrauser?

Alas, times dictate their own rules - we are tied to work computers, we process and often do not notice the changing seasons, because the office is always the same weather. A short sip of happiness (not health - not enough for health) - holidays in the mountains, at sea, in the countryside. But still, cut out the time for yourself to become better, and let 100 days of summer leave you not just a tan, but also health and good mood! Well, how do you spend your summer?

But RUVDS servers do not have summer - they work in cool rooms and do not sweat. Lucky glands, and those who rent power on them - even more.

p.s. Week before summer!

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