Sorry, but I will not come to work, because now it is winter

Sorry, but I will not come to work, because now it is winter

Your deeds are wonderful, O Lord. Something like this I recently sentenced at a conference on the theory of X, Y, Z generations. It so happened that this whole generational hyip passed by me. And so, when they started telling me that when managing teams, one should take into account their involvement in one or another letter of the Latin alphabet, I was a little puzzled (“swell”, “surprised”, “froze”, “ofigel”, “stunned”, etc.) e., depending on which generation you belong to).

To deny the fact that each generation has its own heroes and ideals is difficult. Evgenia Shamis, CEO of Sherpa S Pro, founder and coordinator of RuGenerations - Russian School of Generation Theory, presented the next generational classification.

If to exaggerate, each generation is peculiar to a specific set of behavioral qualities. For example, people of the “X” generation want to prove their uniqueness everywhere and always, “Y” - success, and “Z” - they care about comfort, convenience and safety. And they also require interesting and short “clips”, simplicity and speed of perception of everything and everyone. It is not by chance that they included voice messages in instant messengers, all kinds of bots, scripts, masks, neural networks and other attributes of digital automation of routine processes.
“OK,” I said to myself, and I went back to the office, but on the way, I received another greeting from the generations “X”, “Y”, “Z”. My friend posted on Facebook a correspondence with one of her employees. The man simply did not come to a high-paying job in the office. The argument was insomnia and winter.

In the comments to the post, absolutely wonderful stories from the lives of modern inhabitants of class A offices were discovered.

Is it true that the world has changed, and now the Millennium prevails in the labor market? When I watched this humorous video on YouTube (see below), I thought it was a great satirical hyperbole. But after everything described above, I am not surprised at anything.

For my part, I want to share my personal opinion “from under the snag” on a given topic. I do not pretend to be the ultimate truth, in no way do I cast doubt on generational theory, but I still believe that Maslow’s pyramid still stands firmly on its foundation.

Requirements for food, water and a roof over your head are relevant for generations "X", "Y", "Z". And no matter how we call each other, one cannot get away from heat and food. This I mean that motivation, supermotivation and other instruments of influence on labor productivity have a limited resource. In my opinion, if the situations described above arise, then it is worthwhile to radically solve the problem, bypassing the stage of philosophical understanding on what should I do with this “Y”. There is a hypothesis - boldly send to the "X".

What is your opinion? Can you share your experience of interaction between different generations? Is this really a real problem, or another fashionable HYIP thing, sucked from the finger?

Source text: Sorry, but I will not come to work, because now it is winter