[recovery mode] “Live high” or my story from procrastination to self-development

[recovery mode] “Live high” or my story from procrastination to self-development

Hello, friend.

Today we will not talk about the complex and not very aspects of programming languages ​​or some kind of Rocket Sience. Today I will tell you a short story about how I took the path of a programmer. This is my story and you can’t change it anymore, but if it helps even one person to become a little more confident, it means it was told not in vain.


Let's start with the fact that I was not keen on programming from an early age, like many readers of this article. I, like any dolt, always wanted something rebellious. As a child I adored climbing climbing games and playing computer games (which gave me a lot of problems with my parents).

Being in the 9th grade, all I wanted was to get rid of the all-seeing parental eye as soon as possible and finally “live in a high”. But what does this mean, this notorious "live in a high"? At that time, I thought it was a carefree life without worries, when I could play games for days without reproaches from my parents. My teenage nature did not know who she wanted to become in the future, but the direction of IT was close in spirit. With that, I adored movies about hackers, it added courage.

Therefore, it was decided to go to college. Of all that I was most interested in and was in the list of areas, it was only programming. I thought: “And what, I will spend more time at the computer, and the computer = games”.


I even studied the first course, but we had no more subjects related to programming than birches at the North Pole. From the sheer feeling of hopelessness, I threw everything in my second year (I was miraculously not expelled for an ANNUAL walk). We were not taught anything interesting, there I got acquainted with the bureaucratic machine or she’s with me and understood how to get the marks correctly. From the subjects, at least indirectly related to programming, we had “Computer Architecture”, which for 2.5 years had 2.5 pairs, and also “Fundamentals of Programming”, on which we wrote 2-line programs on BASIC. I note that after the 2nd course I studied perfectly well (with a hot parental hand). How I resented and shook, saying: “We are not taught anything, how can we become programmers? It's all about the education system, we just had no luck. ”

It came from my mouth every day, to every person who asked me about my studies.
After graduating from college, having written a thesis on the subject of a DBMS and a hundred lines on VBA, I gradually began to reach it. The very process of writing a diploma was hundreds of times more valuable than all 4 years of study. It was a very strange feeling.

After releasing me, I didn’t even think that I could ever become a programmer. I always thought it was an impossible sphere with a bunch of headaches. “You need to be a genius to write programs!”, It was written on my face.


Then the university began. When I enrolled in the “Software Automation” direction, I had even more reasons to shout about the terrible education system, because even there they didn’t teach us anything. Teachers followed the path of least resistance, and if you could type 10 lines of code from the leaf on the keyboard, they gave a positive assessment and deleted the baroque coffee to the teacher.

Here I want to say that I began to experience overt hatred for the education system. I thought I should be given knowledge. Why did I come here then? Or maybe it's me so close up that my maximum is 20 thousand per month and socks for the new year.
Now it’s fashionable to be a programmer, everybody admires you, mentions in conversation, like: "... and do not forget. He is a programmer, it speaks for itself."
From what I wanted, but could not be, I reproached myself constantly. Slowly I began to accept my nature and thought less and less about it.“Nothing, have I ever been distinguished by some particular mindset? I was not praised at school, well, okay, not everyone is destined. "

While studying at the university, I got a job as a salesman, and my life was relatively calm, and the desired “live in a high” never came. The toys didn’t disturb the mind this way, they didn’t run about the bugs, and some kind of longing appeared in the soul. Once a buyer came to me, he was smartly dressed, he had a cool car. I asked, they say: “What is the secret? What are you doing? ”

This guy turned out to be a programmer. Word for word, the conversation started on the topic of programming, I started whining my old song about education, and this man put an end to my razdolbaysky nature.

“No teacher can teach you something without your desire and sacrifice. Learning is a self-learning process, and teachers only put you on the right rails and periodically lubricate the pads. If it is easy for you during your studies, then know that something is definitely going wrong. You came to the university for knowledge, so take heart and take them! ”He said to me. This man has kindled a faint, barely smoldering ember in me that has almost gone out.

It dawned on me that all my surroundings, including myself, simply decomposed behind a screen of naked black humor and tales of the untold wealth that await us in the future. This is not only my problem, but also the problem of all young people. We are a generation of dreamers, and many of us do not know how to do anything but dream of bright and beautiful things. Walking along the path of procrastination, we quickly knock down standards for our lifestyle. Instead of a trip to Turkey - a trip to the dacha, there is no money to move to your favorite city - nothing, and in our village there is also a monument to Lenin, and the car no longer seems such a wreck. I understood why the "live in the buzz" still has not come.

That same day I came home and began to learn the basics of programming. It turned out to be so interesting that nothing could satisfy my greed, I wanted more and more. Nothing has ever fascinated me so far; I have been busy for days on end, in free and non-free time. The data structures, algorithms, programming paradigms, patterns (which I didn’t understand at the time) all flowed into my head in an endless stream. I slept for 3 hours a day and I dreamed of sorting algorithms, ideas of various software architectures and just a wonderful life where I can enjoy my work, where I will finally “live in a high”. The unreachable Ultima Thule has already seemed beyond the horizon and my life has gained meaning again.

Having worked in the store for some time, I began to notice that all the young people are just as insecure guys. They could make an effort on themselves, but preferred to relax in a relaxed manner, deliberately giving up their unfulfilled desires.
After a couple of years, I have already written some really useful programs, have been well integrated into several projects by the developer, have gained experience and even more charged on further development.


There is a belief that if you do something regularly for a certain period of time, then this “something” will become a habit. Self-study is no exception. I learned to learn independently, to find a solution to my tasks without outside help, to quickly obtain information and practically use it. Now it’s hard for me not to write at least one line of code per day. When you learn to program, your mind is rebuilt, you begin to look at the world from a different angle and differently assess what is happening around. You learn to decompose difficult tasks into small simple subtasks. Crazy thoughts come to your head about how you can arrange anything, and it will work better. Perhaps this is why many believe that programmers are “not of this world.”

Now they have taken me to a large firm that develops automation and fault-tolerant systems. I feel fear, but with it I feel faith in myself and in my own strength.Life is given once, and in the end I want to know that I have contributed to this world. The story that an individual creates is much more important than the personality itself.

What a delight to me still brings words of gratitude from people who use my software. For a programmer, there is nothing more valuable than pride in their projects, because they are the embodiment of our efforts. My life is full of wonderful moments, “living in a high” came to my street, I began to wake up with pleasure in the mornings, I began to take care of my health and really breathe deeply.
In this article I want to say that the first and most important instance of education is the student himself. In the process of self-learning lies the process of self-knowledge, sometimes thorny, but yielding its fruits. The main thing is not to give up and believe that sooner or later the most irresistible distant "live in a high" will come.

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