Record video from old computer - methods from LGR

Record video from old computer - methods from LGR

LGR (Lazy Game Reviews) is one of the largest English-language channels dedicated to the old computer hardware and no less old games. At the end of 2018, he released a video with a story about how he records video from old computers - and I decided to turn this video into a small text note. The original video (in English) is at the end of the publication.

DTECH Powered 500MHz VGA Video Splitter (~ $ 25 on Amazon, ~ 1600 rubles)

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A device for outputting a picture from a video card to two monitors at the same time, or in the case of our task, to a monitor and a video capture card. Clint (author of LGR) notes that, like many others, this splitter is not perfect, sometimes it leads to noise and interference.

CablesOnline 3.5mm Stereo Audio Splitter (100-300 rubles)

Similar to a splitter, but for sound. Again, not perfect, but with this problem helps the next device.

Mpow Ground Loop Noise Isolator ($ 10 on Amazone/Aliexpress, ~ 650 rubles)

Noise isolator helps to get rid of problems with pickups in the audio signal.

Avermedia Game Broadcaster HD (discontinued)

Video card for recording video via VGA/HDMI. I even wrote about her my article on the web site. In general, a great device, but has some number of drawbacks:

  • may fail or not recognize the signal in resolutions lower than 640x480, non-standard resolutions or refresh rates. In the same 320x200 or 320x240, you can make it work, but only with a tambourine.
  • This is a card that plugs into a PCI-Express slot, i.e. need a computer that will write video
  • fee is discontinued (no longer found in stores)

Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus (10 thousand rubles)

Plus, it can work without a computer and write video on a microSD card, though in this case the bitrate is limited to 20 Mbps in 1080p (in lower resolutions even lower).

In the red, only HDMI is supported. But after all on the old computer VGA, how to be that? And then come to the rescue next device.

Startech VGA2HDMI Pro (discontinued)

Convert VGA signal to HDMI.Pros:

  • supports resolutions below 640x480 and all sorts of non-standard ones, stretching them into clear 720/1080p while maintaining the proportions (adding black bars along the edges)
  • there is an audio input, so the sound can also be written over HDMI


  • Clint talks about the first version of the device, and clarifies that the second version seems to be not so good with non-standard and low resolutions
  • after changing the resolution for a few seconds in the upper left corner this resolution is displayed, which is naturally recorded by the capture card
  • device is discontinued (no longer found in stores)

Epiphan HD ($ 400, ~ 26 thousand rubles)

A mega-thing with a full-fledged DVI input, capable of writing both VGA and HDMI through adapters, supports any low and non-standard resolutions.

The real minus is only one: the price.

MCE2VGA (€ 89, ~ 6500 rubles)

Bonus device for fans of the oldest hardware: converts the signal from old CGA/EGA/MDA/HERCULES video cards, etc. in the vga. Clint has a separate video about him .

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