IaaS and Managed IT: technological digest

IaaS and Managed IT: technological digest

This is a collection of articles from ITGLOBAL.COM "- IaaS-provider, IT-outsourcer, integrator and service provider" Managed IT ". We bring to your attention our first habratopiki and materials from the corporate blog on solutions for network security, the work of the cloud provider, data storage systems and new technologies in these areas.

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IaaS provider operation, hardware and network security

How the provider uses VMware vSAN in a hyper-convergent system . We talk about the infrastructure of the IaaS-provider and stop at the hyper-convergent approach. We tell how companies can be interesting and how it works in practice. Next, we explain the role of vSAN (virtual storage area network) and talk about how to deploy and resilient technology in hyperconvergent systems.

How to cool equipment in the data center - three new technologies . These are immersion cooling, AI systems and 3D printing. The main task is to improve the efficiency of iron maintenance. In the course of the analysis of each of their technologies, we are talking about what solutions are already on the market, who uses them, what benefits they bring to data center operators and what the technology will have in the future.

Servers for SAP: main platforms . This is an overview of the infrastructure components for the SAP platform deployment. We are talking about solutions from different vendors: from Cisco, HP and Dell EMC to ATOS, Fujitsu and Huawei; and focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of solutions when working with SAP. In addition to on-prem solutions, we briefly discuss the possibilities for SAP deployment in the cloud.

How Fortinet hardware protects corporate networks . Fortinet Security Fabric offers a network security architecture that combines firewall functionality, VPN, IPS, application control systems, traffic filtering, and antivirus. In the review, we analyze in detail the technical characteristics and capabilities of the “network security factory” from Fortinet.

FortiGate Firewall - FSTEC certificate or new software version . In continuation of the topic, we are talking about licensing and certification of FortiGate equipment plus detailing on its compliance with Russian legislation from the point of view of working with personal data. We also consider changes in the updated OS - FortiOS 5.6.

Data Storage

NetApp from A to Z: Technology Review .The material will be useful to those who would like to get acquainted with the decisions of the vendor. We will talk about twenty technologies and solutions, including ONTAP, FlexClone, MetroCluster, SnapLock and others.

How NetApp solutions are used in business . We analyze cases of using technologies in the corporate environment: from disaster recovery and database management to Big Data and building a highly reliable IT infrastructure.

Top 4 recommendations for upgrading storage systems . We give recommendations on how to modernize data storage systems and improve the reliability of the IT infrastructure. We will talk about the requirements for scalability, performance and availability, plus - the security and efficiency of data storage. We are reviewing using the example of NetApp All Flash FAS.

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Magnetic tape in the 21st century - how it is used . Today, this drive is still in use. We talk about its advantages - durability, capacity and low cost of data storage - and give examples of the use of media in the framework of the activities of various organizations.

Discussion: will DNA storage become mass . DNA storage has not yet appeared in "every home", but experts believe that this is only a matter of time. In the article, we give an overview of the market and the prospects of such storage systems - who creates why DNA storage and why, how much it costs to write data to such a carrier that they do not yet allow DNA storage to become mass. Additionally we talk about alternative solutions: nanostructures and magnetic drives.

Data to disk will be recorded using magnets and lasers . Here we will talk about technologies that will eventually replace the HDD. It is believed that the new solutions at times increase the speed of data recording and reduce the cost of electricity. You will learn how the magneto-optical approach to data recording works, how to store data in grains of salt and encode information in five dimensions.


A selection of our past summer cloud posts . Here are collected materials and recommendations for those who would like to evaluate the effectiveness and reliability of cloud infrastructure. You will find answers to questions about how to choose an IaaS provider and what you need to know about cloud security. Using case studies such as financial, medical, and IT covgfybq, we’ll tell you how the cloud reduces costs, improves business processes, and protects data.
What is DevOps methodology and who needs it .This material answers popular questions about the DevOps methodology: what is this approach, how to implement it, to whom it will benefit, and to whom - a headache. Here we understand why some criticize DevOps philosophy, while others use it. In addition to this, we are talking about DevOps specialists and companies that “hunt” for them. Additionally, we provide a list of resources for those who would like to master the approach.

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