I had a vision ... the revelation of the new Nostradamus

I had a vision ... the revelation of the new Nostradamus

I had a vision of the future. All of a sudden, during the ordinary eating of mashed potatoes, - overwhelmed by an elastic wave, stunned and discouraged, and when the wave ebbed, several phantasmagoric pictures remained in the memory. Which, in order not to forget, I immediately transferred it to a file and now I will publish it.

I look forward to April 12, 2026, the day to which the first prophetic vision I tested, to find out whether it was really prophetic or if there was a failure of the writer's imagination.

So, I prophesy that ...

1. Presentation of the "site with a heavenly IP"
On April 12, 2026, the article “Hidden shooting with a virtual camera” by nostro808 will be published on Habré. The author will provide a link to an unknown resource, which will soon be called the “site with a heavenly IP”. The resource will allow you to place a virtual camera (equipped with a microphone) at any point in space and receive a high-quality image from it. The camera must be installed according to geographic coordinates, indicating the height above the earth's surface.

2. Collapse publication of clips in the network
In the first four hours after the presentation of the “site with the heavenly IP”, a rampant posting of clips recorded with the help of a new technology will occur. Most of the clips will be personal, but not all: some media characters will receive coverage. Many of them will appear in a form inappropriate to the public. Also, through a live broadcast from secret objects, several state secrets will be revealed. However, unlike the media characters, nobody will pay attention to state secrets due to the confusion and general confusion.

3. Lock article nostro808
Five hours after the presentation of the "site with the heavenly IP" article on Habré will be removed, and the profile nostro808 blocked forever. The real name nostro808 will not be established: neither immediately nor later.

4. Attempts to block "site with heavenly IP"
Roskomnadzor will block the “site with a heavenly IP” six hours after its presentation. However, the site will remain available not only through TOR, DNS-servers and VPN-services, but also through any provider, despite all the efforts made by those. At the same time, destroying the site itself, unless, ironically, located in the domain zone ru, will not be possible due to the indeterminacy of the hosting and the site owner. Hence the name of the resource: “a site with a heavenly IP”. On IT forums this issue will be released on the discussion in the first place. For many years to come, the second place will be kept by the topic of installing a virtual camera at an arbitrary point in space.

5. The first limitation when using a virtual camera
On April 13, 2026, the first restriction will appear when using a virtual camera: it is impossible to indicate a point of space above or below 2033 meters above the ground on the “website with a heavenly IP”. There is no such restriction in the site interface, but when you go beyond the specified limits, the virtual camera is installed at a distance of 2033 meters. Subsequently, the limiting distance will be clarified. The number 2033, 27272727 ... will be called “minimax” or simply “minimax.”

6. Sky IP technology
On the same day, by the efforts of intrigued enthusiasts, it turns out that the “heavenly IP” works on the principle of a decentralized Internet, parts of which program code are written in the BIOS of computer devices. All computer devices of the planet Earth. How are inscribed, science is not known. Replacing the boards with new ones will not do anything, because after a while (3 to 5 hours from the start of using the device) the BIOS turns out to be spontaneously rewritten.Various hypotheses will be put forward, most of which will be reduced to a statement of fact: the technologies of the “site with a celestial IP” are beyond human capabilities. In a society, an understanding will be ripe that something extraordinary is happening with earthly civilization. A new round of popularity will gain the concept of "Doomsday" and interference in earthly affairs of alien civilizations.

7. Sporadic crime spike
On April 14, 2026, law enforcement agencies will record the first crimes related to the use of the “site with the heavenly IP”. Basically, theft of personal property (after all, from now on it costs nothing to determine whether someone is inside the premises). Also crimes of jealousy: two men will kill wives caught with lovers.

8. The response of the international community
On April 25, 2026, an urgent UN meeting on information security will be held. Statements by world leaders about the dangers of using non-tested technologies and calling on Russia to "hand over information resources to universal control that threatens the stable existence of democratic states." Feverish two-, three- and multilateral consultations in a wide variety of formats. Leading world powers will seriously begin to consider the issue of blocking the Internet on a global scale.

9. The ban on posting clips shot on a virtual camera
In May 2026, social networks, starting with “Facebook”, will adopt rules prohibiting posting clips taken on a virtual camera. However, it’s almost impossible to distinguish a movie shot on a virtual camera from a movie taken on a regular camera, so the restrictions will not work. Moreover, visitors to the “site with a heavenly IP”, even without posting videos on social networks, will continue to actively discuss the information downloaded from there.

10. The second limitation when using a virtual camera
On May 11, 2026, it turns out that in some cases virtual cameras demonstrate not a complete, but a distorted reality. If the user views the “site with the heavenly IP”, then shooting it on a virtual camera shows a blank screen of its monitor. Thus, by means of observation using a virtual camera, it is impossible to establish exactly what information the original user derives from the “site with the heavenly IP”. It is impossible to find out who got acquainted with some information shot on a virtual camera. In the media, this property will be called "protection from the evil one".

11. Prohibition of taking evidence in court
On June 1, 2026, amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, the laws “On Mass Media” and others providing for all sorts of restrictions when using the information obtained on the “celestial IP site” will begin to operate in Russia. Videos recorded on a virtual camera will cease to be accepted as evidence in court. Rationale: distortion of real information ("protection from the evil one").

12. People Identification Technology
On June 9, 2026, a new technology will be announced on the “Sky IP site”: broadcasting from a virtual camera to a photo. Now it is enough to upload a photo to the site to install a virtual camera at the location of the specified person. The camera is initially set at a distance of about 1.5 meters in the face of the observed. The number 1,5333333 ... (the exact distance of the initial installation of the virtual camera) will be called “jump h”, or simply “jump”. At the initial installation of a virtual camera, geographical coordinates are recorded on the site, so the camera can easily move to a more convenient position.

13. Publication of clips with government officials
In social networks will begin to lay out massively videos with government officials. Previously, it was difficult to determine the location of statesmen according to geographical coordinates, but now, from a photograph, it is easy.Mass requests are of the same type, therefore the videos are also of the same type and, in principle, are no different from movies with ordinary people. The presence of doubles among statesmen brings some revival.

14. About the harmfulness of visiting the "site with the heavenly IP"
On June 14, 2026, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation will convene an urgent conference, at which it will declare that visiting the “website with a heavenly IP” adversely affects the health of visitors. For the first time in world practice, the term “hypnogramming” will be used. A ministry spokesman will officially state that a visit to the “site with a celestial IP” provokes heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, cancer, diarrhea, and a general deterioration of health. It is recommended that the population refrain from visiting a resource dangerous to health.

15. Technology capture the past
On June 21, 2026, a “site with a heavenly IP” announces a technology to capture the past. Now on the virtual camera you can shoot not only the present, but also the past - however, not infinitely. You can delve into the past at 12:08:34 April 18, 1816. This time limit will be called the “second Christmas”. Why so, technical explanations and even assumptions are absent, however, for a cultural and psychological shock, one possibility to view events after the “second Christmas” is more than enough. The world will freeze in a daze, then, getting acquainted with the documented events of the past, will start going crazy.

16. The law "On the inadmissibility of the desecration of the past"
After two days of an information surge, which history has not yet known, the law “On the Inadmissibility of the Desecration of the Past” will come into force in Russia as a matter of urgency. In accordance with it, the publication of information about the past, filmed on a virtual camera, in the absence of documentary (notarized) confirmations will be prohibited. However, the law does not work: the opportunity to see the past is so attractive that it will not stop billions of Internet users.

17. Recognition of an external attack on Earth civilization
On June 29, 2026, the UN Emergency Commission will unanimously adopt a communique in which it recognizes the fact of an external information attack on Earth civilization through the creation of a “website with a heavenly IP”. It will be reported that the party that launched the attack is unknown. The emergency commission will warn the population of the planet: the data reflected on the “website with a heavenly IP” is falsified with unidentified targets. If the data is inadvertently true, then they serve as a distraction from falsified data.

18. New revolutionary products from Gostar
In September 2026, Gostar will launch the first product related to the “heavenly IP” on the market: the so-called lifaser. The program will allow to receive from the "site with the heavenly IP" ready-made information samples for any persons or events. Connection to the “site with the heavenly IP” is performed by API, then automatic processing and reduction of the filmed material is performed, and comments are added (at the request of the user: captions or voice-over). “Gostar” Layfazer will win the crazy recognition of users and will serve as the standard for the new product line. In just a few months, from a little-known research laboratory, Gostar will turn into a world-renowned corporation. "Google" and "Yandex" will rush in pursuit, but will be late: precious time will be lost.

19. Lifters and Comparazzi - New Professions
By the end of 2026, mankind will gradually become accustomed to the new reality. There will be new professions, such as lifackers and komparazzi. Lifers are historians who investigate the intricate twists and turns of the past through its online viewing. Komparazzi - journalists and bloggers who specialize in finding meaningful (usually scandalously colored) events that are not found by standard lifazers.

20.Emousher - a new way to relax
On February 2, 2027, Gostar Corporation will present a new product for relaxation - the emotionist. The program will allow you to generate from the past videos with a given emotional coloring and intelligence. In fine-tuning, in addition to the required emotional coloring, it is necessary to indicate the desired period, language and approximate subject matter. The intellectual level of the user will be determined by the “Gostar” emohoster on their own, based on the user's previous requests to the lifaser.

21. Upyumentory - new art
On the basis of the lifazer, a new art is being created - auxumentory: a selection of documentary shots demonstrating, without captions or voice acting, any supervaluable idea. Sampling can be carried out on one hero, or on one event, or on one locality, or on one subject — while an indispensable sign of amenment is a guessed, but not voiced, overvalued idea. It is impossible to dispute the materials of the judicial review in the judicial order due to the absence of the author's text and strict documentary materials.

22. New state policy in relation to the "site with the heavenly IP"
The commercial exploitation of the “site with a heavenly IP” will force the world community to reconsider its attitude to this resource, especially since the “site with a heavenly IP” still cannot be killed. The site owner does not show himself and the technology of the virtual camera does not reveal, the process of overwriting the BIOS will remain unknown. Moreover, a simple technology of broadcasting from a virtual camera to any mirror surface will appear. In this regard, global governments will take a course to the recognition of the right to the existence of a “site with a heavenly IP” while ignoring information that is undesirable for itself. It will be necessary to radically reconsider the tactics of the existence of political and public institutions, especially those in contact with state secrets (which, with the advent of the “website with the heavenly IP”, will become not so secret). In the Constitution of some countries will be prescribed Hutspa.

23. Church of Heavenly IP
In 2028, Quebec’s municipal authorities will register the Church of the Heavenly IP. According to her teachings, nostro808 is a new incarnation of Christ on Earth, Habr is a forerunner resource, and a “website with a heavenly IP” is a sacred resource, at the moment of its disconnection, Judgment Day will come.

24. Separation of people in relation to the "heavenly IP"
Public opinion on the new technology will be divided. Conservatives will consider the "site with the heavenly IP" external - most likely alien - diversion and, pointing out the "protection from the evil one" as an example, will refuse to recognize the "celestial" commercials as true. These people will continue to live as before, deliberately ignoring information received from the “site with a heavenly IP” - and, incidentally, only unacceptable for their psychology. Realists, on the contrary, will consider the information received from the “site with the heavenly IP” absolutely reliable and will use it, but again as necessary. After a few years, the differences between conservatives and realists will practically disappear, especially since Gostar life lights (based on sampling and interpretation of data) will be able to treat past events arbitrarily. The number of people who want to check the correctness of the sample, spending personal time on visiting the “site with the heavenly IP” directly, will decrease. Such people will be contemptuously called "greens" - in the sense that they climb wherever they get.

25. Future Capture Technology
On December 23, 2028, a technology to capture the future will be announced on the "website with a heavenly IP" ...

On that date, the phantasmagoric vision ebbed away, and I remained in front of a plate of cooled mashed potatoes, stunned by the information that had fallen on me.Will anyone believe the horrifying prospect that has opened before me or consider it a game of the writer's imagination? How should I know?! Anyway, my duty to mankind has been fulfilled: the prophecy is recorded and made public. I can take a breath and finish the dinner, so unexpectedly and at the wrong time interrupted.

Source text: I had a vision ... the revelation of the new Nostradamus