Go there - I do not know where

Go there - I do not know where


I once found a form behind the windshield in my wife’s car for a phone number that you can see in the photo above. I had a question: why is there a form, but no phone number? To which was received a brilliant answer: and so that no one would know my number. Hmmm ... "My phone is zero-zero-zero, and do not think that this is a password."

Women are sometimes not very logical in their actions, but their spontaneous act can push on something interesting.


I vividly imagined a man scrubbing ice from her car’s windshield in winter to get to phone numbers on the form and call, here he is at the goal and ...

"Saw, Shura, saw. It is golden."

Having learned this interesting, I began to think how to make it so that she was calm and the family budget was not affected by the punctured tires and broken mirrors.

At first I thought that I could take BLE beacons, which I have some. Such as in my article .

Here they are in the photo:


One could make an application that would notice that it is running near a beacon with a specific number. This number would correspond to identification data that would be stored on the server and used to call the owner so that the caller cannot see this information. That is, the phone number, email address or account on the social network or instant messenger would not be displayed on the call.

I even managed to persuade to do this respected Ktator . Some prototype was even made. But then the wave of routine that came over washed away all these dubious undertakings.

After a year or so, I talked about this idea to the distinguished webhamster . He generally liked the idea, perhaps the service people needed. But he criticized the way of its realization to the nines. He said that I was trying to attract my beacons to the task, which is solved in a simpler way. He told it so beautifully that I believed it.

And he offered the usual QR code. Here it is:


Then webhamster wrote down a prototype of the secure call service - qrcall.org . Here you can try out the service.

After registration, you need to print a sticker with a QR code and stick it on the object of your movable or real estate outside or inside behind the glass so that the QR code can be scanned with a mobile phone. Then any. who will be there, will be able to call you via the QR code using the methods you have indicated using your smartphone. At the same time, your personal data will remain secret.

If people need the service, publications will continue to be respected webhamster . So subscribe to it. And I will continue my usual topics: navigation, IoT and radio .

We strongly hope for a lively reaction and criticism of professionals and users.

Thank you very much!

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