[From sandbox] Stackoverflow Dev Survey 2019

[From sandbox] Stackoverflow Dev Survey 2019

Hello! The results of Stackoverflow Dev Survey 2019 became available the other day. 90K developers from around the world took part in the survey, which makes the data not only an interesting piece of discussion for discussion with colleagues, but also a good source of analytics for professional discussion.

Below are some interesting metrics that have attracted attention while reading. Some really make you think:

  • Programming is a hobby for most respondents (80.2%). Spending several hours a day on professional literature and publications has long been the norm. The bad news is for all who decide to move in this direction only for financial reasons.

    It is unlikely that they will spend so much “free time”. But without this there is no way.

  • The most important factors when choosing a job: stack, culture, free schedule and opportunity for professional growth. Another confirmation that for IT the main thing is the team and development. Everything else is less interesting. And the money is almost the same everywhere. If you want a cool team - create a culture to develop.

  • Open to new job offers - 58.7% It looks like the "knocking" techniques of employees will not die very soon.

  • The last time I changed jobs less than a year ago was 32.4%. Staff turnover in IT 30% is the market rate, not the poor performance of the HR department.

  • Constantly updates summary of 42.8%. In order not to forget. Well, the employer is not allowed to relax. Cookies, fitness and massage in the office will not appear by themselves.

  • More than half (51.9%) of developers are already full-stack (or at least they consider themselves as such). The similar term full-stack has already begun to change its original meaning and increasingly means a person familiar with all major platforms, and not someone who can effectively use them in everyday work.

  • Only 3/4 of all respondents work on full-time (73.9%). Looks like Toffler was right. At least for IT, his predictions are already a reality.

  • 8.7% wrote the first line of code under 10 years old. Programming is the second literacy.

  • Most popular soc. media among developers: Reddit (17.0%), YouTube (16.4%), WhatsApp (15.8%), Facebook (15.6). There is a clear monopoly.

  • Does a developer need to become a manager to earn more: NO - 51.3%. Opinion is divided. Statistics of wages in the labor market persistently shows that we are moving in the right direction. At least in the market of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

Link to the original article for more detailed study - Stackoverflow Dev Survey 2019 .

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