Economic educational program for IT people

Economic educational program for IT people

Hello, dear IT specialists!

Stop picking your nose, better listen to a course in economics. From the course, you will learn about the most important economic concepts, as a result of which you will become smart-intelligent. And if you answer the questions correctly, your parents will buy you ice cream and bring them to the zoo.

Task 1

In the kingdom of the Far East, in the thirtieth state, Dedk was growing a turnip, and the hen Ryaba was carrying eggs.

He wanted grandfather scrambled eggs and asked Ryaba at the hen:

  - Do you want to exchange? You give me eggs, and I give you a turnip.
  “I love to eat a turnip,” Ryaba chick replies.

Agreed to exchange 4 eggs for 1 turnip.

Backfill Questions:

a) How many eggs, at an agreed rate, cost 1 turnip?
b) How many turnips cost 1 egg?

Correct Answers:

a) 4 eggs.
b) 0.25 turnips.

Task 2

The Ryaba hen wanted to peck at her turnips, and on that day she was too lazy to lay eggs. How to be?
Says Dedkov:
  - Ship the turnip in debt, please.
Dedkov replies:
  - Yes, you, pockmarked, will forget what you borrowed, and then you will not give the eggs.
  - No, I will not forget. Here's a feather for you. You will present me tomorrow, and I will return the favor to you for your feather.
  - Ok, - agreed Dedok.
Shipped a hen Ryabe turnip, and in exchange took a feather.
The next day, Dedkov returned the feather to the hen Ryaba, and in return received the promised eggs.

Backfill Questions:

a) How much did a feather cost before the start of this operation?
b) How much did the feather cost after the start of the operation, but before its completion?
c) How much does a feather cost after the operation is completed?

Correct Answers:

a) It was not worth a fig.
b) 1 turnip or 4 eggs.
c) It is not worth a fig.

Problem 3

He wanted to get dog hair for the treatment of radiculitis. Bug in exchange for a turnip agrees to give wool as needed. Well, the trouble is that a turnip grown by Dedk is given to a hen Ryabe in exchange for a feather.

Then says grandpa Bug:
  - And you take the feather. Tomorrow you will give it to Ryaba, and in return you will receive eggs.
The bug happily agreed and allowed Dedik to kick a dog's hair out of herself.
Cured Dedku played out radiculitis and thinks:
“To know that magic power is concentrated in chicken feathers, since everything on them can be acquired.”

Backfill Questions:

a) Why did grandpa think so?

Correct Answers:

a) Quite an old man survived from the mind.

Problem 4

Chicken Ryaba something I saw and says:
  - And let us evaluate all the products in the feathers!
Grandpa scratched his turnip and replied:
  - Why not? What is the difference, what is to be assessed, if the proportions of exchange are established?
And the Bug proves something.
So the products produced on the farm were evaluated in chicken feathers.

Backfill Questions:

a) Is Dedok right to say that with the immutability of the proportions of exchange, it makes no difference what product to evaluate?
b) Why did the hen Ryaba need to evaluate products in feathers?

Correct Answers:

a) Right.
b) The chicken was not a fool at all. She looked away.

Task 5

Now the products have started not to exchange one for another, but to sell and buy for chicken feathers.

If Dedka needed eggs, he would pay 1 egg to the hen ryab and receive 4 eggs for it.
If Ryaba's hen needed a turnip, she paid 1 feather on Dedka and got 1 turnip for a feather.

Backfill Questions:

a) What is the difference between the purchase and sale of the lending considered earlier?
b) How many feathers were in circulation before, when lending?
c) How many feathers were in circulation from now on when buying and selling?

Correct Answers:

a) The fact that when buying and selling feathers are not removed from circulation after the completion of the operation, as when lending.
b) Equal to the amount of debt. When debt arose, the number of feathers in circulation increased, while debt repayment decreased.
c) Arbitrary quantity put into circulation by a speckled hen.

Problem 6

Soon Ryaba's hen realized that there was no need for her to rush. Why, if it's easier to kick feathers from the tail and pay them off ?!

Then she thought about it and decided to still be carried, but not with simple eggs, but with gold, to decorate the chicken coop.

As decided, she did.

Backfill Questions:

a) Is it possible to say that after Ryaba's hen ceased to be carried by simple eggs, did she become a parasite?
b) Why decorate the chicken coop with golden eggs?

Correct Answers:

a) It is not possible, but necessary.
b) Ryaba's hen went nuts on the basis of enrichment.

Task 7

Once a grandmother tried to pay for food with a passerine feather.
  - What are you doing ?! - here he hesitated Ryaba hen. - So it is impossible, it is not necessary! For such eyes you need to peck out!
Grandfather was startled by clucking kurochkin and said grandmother:
  - You, old, of that ... Do not irritate the bird once again, it’s already some kind of anxious lately, it rushes at people with fists.
  “Okay, I won't,” grandma replies.
Since then, no one even stuttered to pay for food with passerine feathers.

Backfill Questions:

a) What is the difference between a passerine and a chicken feather?
b) Why did Ryaba's hen become so agitated?

Correct Answers:

a) Nothing.
b) If grandma starts paying for food with passerine feathers, she will be able to retire. Who, then, will produce products so that Ryaba’s chicken will exchange them for her feathers ?!

Problem 8

Ryaba wanted to chick the hen all the time, and there were almost no feathers left in the tail. Then Ryaba's chick said to the mouse:
  - Some kind of you are thin. Are you malnourished or something?
  “I'm undernourished,” admitted the mouse.
  - Take three feathers, eat well and work with new forces. And in a week you will return four feathers. And you feel good and benefit me.
The mouse scratched her sunken belly and agreed.
From that day, Ryaba's chick stopped pulling the feathers from her tail, and began to lend out at interest.

Backfill Questions:

a) Did the mouse win or lose from borrowing 3 feathers from the hen Ryaba?
b) How much did the mouse win or lose?

Correct Answers:

a) Lost.
b) 1 feather.

Problem 9

Once, grandfather and grandmother looked into the hen house and gasped from a myriad of golden eggs laid by speckled hen.

Dedk wanted to take the golden eggs, but Ryaba did not allow the hen.
  - Where are your hands stretched out? My golden feathers are worth! She cried.
There were no extra feathers in grandfather and grandmother, everyone left for food. Therefore, they did not touch the golden eggs of Ryaba's hen.
Just in case Ryaba's hen hired a Bug to guard the henhouse from unwelcome visitors. By that time there were so many feathers in Ryaba's hen that she could afford it.

Backfill Questions:

a) Could Dedka cure his sciatica after the Bug hired to guard the hen house?

Correct Answers:

a) Could not. The bug stopped giving wool to her grandfather, because now she was getting feathers from Ryaba's hen.

Task 10

Dedad wondered why he had been growing it all day long — growing a turnip, and he wasn’t adding feathers, while Ryaba hen and eggs didn’t carry normal eggs, and the whole chicken coop in gold and several feathers folded in the corner.

Ryaba's hen noticed daddy's thoughtfulness and tells him:
  - Something does not like? Well, let's get rid of feathers. Let's write down on a piece of paper, who has how many feathers.
So did.

Now, with each purchase and sale, a certain amount of feathers was written off from the buyer's account, and added to the seller’s account. But all the same, grandfather did not become richer, while Ryaba's hen got rich to indecency.

Backfill Questions:

a) Why did Dedk not get rich from removing feathers from circulation?
b) Why did the hen Ryaba need to remove the feathers from circulation?

Correct Answers:

a) What is the difference, exchange cash feathers or write down the available amount on a piece of paper? What's in the forehead, what's on the forehead.
b) Now the hen Ryaba could not pull the feathers out of her tail, and not earn the feathers by borrowing them at interest, but simply write the right amount of them in her piece of paper.

Task 11

In the end, Dedkov was so emaciated that he began to openly complain of radiculitis.
  - So the sciatica tortured or my feathers disliked ?! - under the vicious yelping of the Bugs, the hen Ryaba has crumbled. - Okay, be it your way. I propose to completely abandon the chicken feathers, and instead introduce cryptoons.
  - What do you think worth this thing? - Dedk asked his granddaughter.
  - You cho, older, not vchuhivaet at all? - enthusiastically shook her granddaughter with pigtails. - Kryptoyns are the coolest thing that can be the last squeak of modern technologies. They are based on the blockchain!
Dedik did not know what blockchain is, so he agreed to the cryptoons.
Chicken Ryaba purchased equipment and began to mine cryptons. And Dedkov didn’t have enough feathers to buy mining equipment for them, I had to grow a turnip in the garden again.

Backfill Questions:

a) What is the difference between writing a feather on a piece of paper and cryptoons?
b) What education was my granddaughter?
c) Why did the granddaughter advise grandfather and grandmother to agree to cryptons?

Correct Answers:

a) The fact that the record on a piece of paper can be found, and the number of crypt узнаnas in Ryaba's hen and you don’t know.
b) ITIC.
c) juvenile fool because. She confused the technical realization of the medium of exchange with their economic essence.

Task 12

Daddy tired of this katavasiya. He took a blunt stick and for a start broke the Bug properly. Then he went into the chicken coop and turned the hen to Ryaba's neck. And what would you do if the chicken is not eggs, and all sorts of nonsense?

He cooked Dad from Ryaba's chicken chicken soup and fed them his family. Here and the tale is over, and who read to the end, can get an MBA diploma.

Backfill Questions:

a) Did Dedk correctly?
b) Who will carry the eggs now?
c) What does the MBA have to do with?
d) What did grandpa do with the golden eggs?

Correct Answers:

a) Correct. Chicken soup - delicious, not to die of hunger ?!
b) No one. We'll have to start a new chicken, probably.
c) Nothing to do with it.
d) I purchased mining equipment there.

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