Cheap and expensive AAA batteries

Cheap and expensive AAA batteries

Advertising has got its way: the majority of buyers are sure that Duracell and Energizer batteries are much better than others. To test whether this is true, I tested 20 types of alkaline (alkaline) AAA batteries - from the cheapest to the most expensive.

In 2014, I did Grandiose battery testing , but five years later, new brands appeared, and some batteries old brands have changed.

In 2019, I did some new AA and AAA battery tests:

The cheapest batteries from Auchan and Attacks ;
Cheap FixPrice batteries ;
Lexman batteries - nowhere cheaper ;
Tasteville Batteries ;
Mirex batteries .

“Finger” AA batteries are increasingly rarely found in various devices - for the sake of miniaturization, manufacturers are producing more and more devices that run on AAA “mizinchikovyh” batteries. Even devices with fairly high consumption (flashlights, moving toys, pressure gauges) now all use AAA batteries. That is why only AAA (LR03) batteries are involved in the new test.

Recently, I have tested cheap batteries, since I found out in the “grand test” that there is no point in buying expensive ones. But still, I spent a thousand rubles and bought Duracell, Energizer, GP, Sonnen, and other batteries to once again see if expensive batteries give at least some advantages compared to cheap ones.

There are three types of AAA and AA batteries on sale: alkaline (alkaline), saline and lithium. Lithium batteries have the highest energy consumption, but they are very expensive. The energy content of salt batteries is the smallest, they are unable to withstand heavy loads and have a short shelf life. Only alkaline batteries are involved in today's test.

I conducted tests using the Oleg Artamonov battery analyzer .

The batteries were discharged in two modes:

  • Discharge DC 200 mA. Such a load is peculiar to electronic toys;
  • Discharge pulses (10 seconds load, 20 seconds pause) 1000 mA. Such a load is characteristic of high-power devices.

Measurements were made when the batteries were discharged to a voltage of 0.7 V.

The test results surprised me.

Dear Energizer Maximum batteries turned out to be the worst of all, and both at low discharge current and at high. Duracell Ultra Power for 100 rubles per piece almost does not differ from Duracell Turbo Max for 40 rubles and these are far from the best batteries - they took the eleventh and twelfth places in the table. Duracell conventional batteries are even worse - they are in the sixteenth place.

In the first place was Varta Longlife, but cheaper batteries Vkusville (26.5 rubles per piece) give more energy with a large load and you can consider them the real winner of the test.

The best batteries of the test in terms of price-capacity steel batteries own brands of retail chains:
Lexman - 8.5 rubles per piece (sold in Leroy Merlin);
Diall - 8.5 rubles per share (sold in Castorama);
CMI - 9.5 rubles apiece (sold in OBI);
Blue Auchan - 11.5 rubles apiece (sold in Auchan and Atak).

Of the good batteries that can be bought in the "home shops" I will highlight two models:

GP Super - 24 rubles apiece;
Tasteville - 26.5 rubles apiece (sold in Tasteville).

I am very surprised by the results of Energizer and Duracell. There is no doubt that all batteries are original and not fake: Duracell was bought in Metro, Energizer in Dixie. At the time of testing, the batteries were not older than a year with a shelf life of 10 years.

The discharge graph for a current of 200 mA. Cheap Lexman and colorful from Auchan beat Energizer Maximum.

GP Super, Tasteville and Lexman beat Duracell Ultra Power.

Maybe I will spend a few more hundred rubles and buy it at other Energizer and Duracell stores for another test.

There are no IKEA batteries in the test, which turned out to be the best in terms of price-capacity ratio in the Grand Testing. I did not have the opportunity to get to Ikea for new batteries, and those that I had (made in May 2017, the shelf life until May 2022) showed poor results - 0.73 Wh and I decided not to include them in the table.

I tested several copies of many types of batteries. The table got the lowest results. With most batteries, the difference between instances is minimal. The difference of about 10% between instances is fixed only for Flarx from FixPrice stores (0.81 and 0.94 Wh) and for unnamed colored batteries from Auchan (0.83 and 0.91 Wh).

The main conclusion from my test: you should not buy expensive batteries, they are no better than cheap ones.

© 2019, Alexey Nadyozhin

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